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Heapcon 2019 Day 2: A dilemma, some rocking and the AI revolution

Following a busy first day of Heapcon 2019, the second day of the Belgrade tech conference followed the same pattern - intriguing ideas, dedicated speakers, meet and greets, but this time with a rock show. Better weather conditions and the feeling of a certain familiarity helped the second day of Heapcon begin on an even more energetic note. Coffee with a slice of philosophy Computational philosopher or self-described big geek Ted Neward is no stranger to Heapcon.
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Main takeaways: Complexity and differences at Heapcon 2019 Day 1

The morning hours of the first day of Heapcon 2019 were marked by clouds and rainy weather. Making way through the gloomy late-September streets of Belgrade to the Youth Center (Dom omladine) on this morning probably left a few of us feeling less-than-inspired to partake in any meaningful conversations. But waiting at the other end of this trip through the rain was a jam-packed and vividly decorated space bursting with energy.
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Unconference: Setting Heapcon 2019 into Motion

Setting the stage for this year’s Heapcon, our unconference day was a smaller, more intimate gathering of IT enthusiasts looking to engage in some quality discussion on a variety of hot topics. The event took place at Kombank dvorana on September 25, one day before the main event kicked off. The idea was simple - to hold three parallel sessions at a time, 9 in total and explore topics of interest for people in tech.
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Embrace Differences

community noun Self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause, or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources. Looking at the above definition of community, the keywords appear to be network, common agenda, and collaboration. And although these factors do indeed accurately describe communities, there’s more to be told about the notion of uniting around a common goal. It might seem counterintuitive, but the fact is - communities often consist of diverse individuals coming together, with each member bringing something of value to the table.
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DEVelop your networking skills

While conferences are often remembered for being a lot of fun or for the intense and lively debates, these types of events truly are a networking opportunity from head to toe. The lasting impacts of attending a conference is meeting people from your industry, exchanging ideas and, ultimately, connecting with the right individuals to help you take the next step in your career. However, some people are unsure how to approach networking (in general) and at conferences (in particular).
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