Why Heapcon?

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Technologically agnostic and of high quality – that’s the kind of conference we deserve. Why?

We don’t have the luxury to focus on just one technology. Regardless of our primary field, we seek to understand the technological ecosystem. A conference that provides such insight is a valuable opportunity to firsthand encounter solutions we don’t deal with on a daily basis. Not to just learn “how” to use something, but to comprehend the patterns upon which technology evolves.

Attaining a quality conference is challenging. The catch is that a significant portion of the responsibility falls on us, the audience. If we choose to be spectators, we haven’t contributed to anyone. By embracing the idea that we’re also part of the conference, we can enhance it, build it, and push its boundaries.

We deserve a conference to which we entrust our time. The prerequisite is fulfilled: Behind Heapcon’s organizers stands tradition, sincerity, and independence. This doesn’t guarantee that each edition will be this way or that way – there have been and will be great and less great years. And that’s okay; if we’re already part of our conference, together we’re building it to be the best it can be.

We deserve a conference that commands respect; one that grows not for mere statistics, but for the sake of attracting higher-quality knowledge more easily. We deserve a conference people come to not just because it’s fun, but because it’s characterized by the synergy between speakers and the audience. Both invest a lot and seek much in return; let’s value that in the right way.

And to be perfectly clear – Heapcon doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be the only conference in our region. But it makes complete sense to focus resources on just a few joint endeavors. Only together do we go further.

It’s decision time: either you find an excuse or you find a way to be part of Heapcon.

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