Heapspace is an open community for all technology lovers.


A community, not an organisation.

Our projects aim at one thing: development of the regional tech scene. So, Heapspace is not just an organisation, but a community that rests on direct contacts with its members.


Knowledge made available.

Ever since JavaSvet was founded in 2004, all events we’ve organised have been free. This didn’t change even when we expanded our scope and became Heapspace. We believe that knowledge is a prerequisite to raise the awareness and that’s why we want to make it available to everyone.


Changing the mindset.

When it comes to staying quiet or raising our voice, most of us would go with staying quiet, as we’ve been taught so ever since we were kids. It’s time to change that, as technology lets you connect with other, learn about other cultures and get information correctly.


Joining forces.

Heapspace has no value, unless we join our forces with other communities that aim to make a change in the society. Alone we walk, together we run!


No discrimination.

Heapspace welcomes any person regardless of skin colour, sex, nationality, sexual orientation and all other social constructs. We’re all brought together by the idea of developing the tech scene in Serbia and region.