About us

With 20 years of experience in organizing quality events in the IT scene, Heapspace consists of a multidisciplinary team that is passionate about bringing together enthusiasts and experts, creating an open and inclusive space for valuable knowledge exchange.

Our mission is to be one of the leading organizers of educational events for technology communities worldwide, all with the goal of fostering innovation, facilitating new collaborations among enthusiasts and experts, and building a stronger, more connected technological community.

We achieve this through various formats, including Heapcon (our international IT conference), Heapspace Meetups (where you can learn something new every month), Tech Breakfast (morning networking promoting entrepreneurship, yes, with lots of coffee and pastries), and much more.


  • Proactivity

    Trying and failing is better than not trying at all.
  • Calm environment

    Our spirits are high, and meetings are often longer because of it. This sustains us when things get tough – we tackle problems as a team, focus on finding solutions, and then on learning from them.
    Panic free, blame free.
  • Quality

    We strive to organize quality events that provide value to the audience through engaging content and a pleasant atmosphere. Occasionally, we might not fully succeed, and that's when we learn the most.

    The audience's opinion is important to us, and we make an effort to always listen to it when planning events.
  • Inclusiveness

    We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. That's why it's important to us that Heapcon presentations are available to everyone - to those who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, and eager for knowledge. We are still learning how to best make this a reality.
  • Excellent hosts

    No matter where our speakers or visitors come from, we want everyone to feel welcomed and taken care of. It's also important to us to showcase the culture of Serbia in the best light to our international guests.

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    Igor Spasić

    Ninoslav Rupić

    Dimitrije Stamenković

    Filip Vujić

    Filip Nemet

    Iva Jovanović

    Nevena Stamenković

    Nikola Ivezić

    Dušan Marković

    Aljoša Makević

    Branko Tomić


    Maja Kovačević

    Katarina Šonjić

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