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Heapcon 2023

The must-attend regional tech conference for curious software engineers and tech businesses alike. Let's dive into the cutting-edge and think beyond tech.

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An international conference held in Belgrade, Serbia, which year after year gathers both global and local experts from the tech industry, leading IT companies from the region, and hundreds of software engineers. Enjoy two full days of high-quality lectures, an expo zone filled with amazing people, and various prize games.

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Heapspace Meetups bring together curious technology enthusiasts from various IT fields once a month. By organizing educational events, we aim to promote informal education in these areas and provide the community with a space for further networking and learning.

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A morning networking event aiming to promote entrepreneurial initiatives through five-minute presentations in front of an always eager audience to find out more, accompanied by coffee and homemade pastries (@domaće kiflice).

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This one-day edition of the Heapcon conference was launched in 2020 with the goal of showcasing the achievements and knowledge of the local tech and science scene. The uncertainty of travel and open borders in the year 2020 encouraged us to turn inward and make an effort to demonstrate…

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Riccardo Lippolis @JDriven
The high quality of the talks, the very professional and friendly guidance of the organizers, and the overall vibe (very friendly people who know how to party!) was my biggest impression. The artwork was a very nice touch too! People from Belgrade are very proud of their city and country, and love to share their enthusiasm with you. You should experience that!
Heapcon is one of the largest technology conferences in the region. The presence of a major conference in Belgrade defines Serbia as a significant technological hub. We consider the existence of Heapcon for Serbia to be equally important as the Exit festival.
Aharon Haravon @Nuvo Group
The Heapcon conference in Belgrade offers a refreshing tech experience. With engaging talks from industry leaders and startups, delicious refreshments, and a lively atmosphere, it's a very well-orchestrated event. This Eastern European gem provides a great platform to connect with tech professionals and gain valuable insights.